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Animal Essentials Free "Webinar" on supplements

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I would love to attend this webinar...unfortunately it's on a Thursday during work hours
Thanks Suzan. Am hoping I'll find some slow time on Thursday and can do this.
Oh, I just realized it's July 1st. And it was Mountain Time so two hours later here. I signed up.
I'm registered and plan to attend, but I'm not positive. Maybe they'll have a recording available later.
Thanks, I signed up and really looking forward to the information on supplements........ should be very interesting and informative.
lol...everyone is making announcements that I planned on making quicker then me! :thumbsup:

I've registered!!
I can't attend due to work - I sure hope they will archive it for later viewing! I'm very interested in changing Sophie's food and looking into any supplements that may help with the treatment of the Cushings.
REMINDER BUMP - This webinar is today!! I'm trying to be in on it at 2pm ET. Anyone else.
I'm going to try to see/hear it.
I had absolutely no luck connecting and loading all that was necessary to go to the location. Ugh!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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