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Annoucing... CHAMPION Bellarata's Glee By Design!

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Well, we showed in Vallejo, Ca this weekend and Marina finished Emma!! She only needed three single points to win but wound up winning her third major (which was 3 points :chili: ) So now she is Ch. Bellarata's Glee By Design!

This is especially exciting because Marina (my 11 year old daughter) has been showing Emma exclusively from the puppy/bred-by-exhibitor class and has finished her start to finish (including all the training, etc) Emma just turned 1 years old a few days ago, so all in all, she finished fairly quickly, (6 mos almost to the day, so most of the wins were as a puppy.)

So here are some pics! A friend of mine had her hubby taking pictures this weekend so I'm lucky to have some amazing photos of this weekend.

This one, I took with my cell phone though, while Marina was having her finishing photo taken.

(some of you may recognize the judge, Norman Patton, who judged the National speciality in Vancouver, Wa)

(the following photos were taken by Derek and Teresa)

Marina getting her Winner Bitch ribbon

Emma gets VERY excited in the ring, and today was no different

and here is another cell phone pic of Marina and Emma at the hotel before the show today

So for now, Marina will show Emma for grand champion points and they will be getting ready for Eukanuba!

Here are some 'highlights' of the life of Emma

2 weeks old

8 weeks old

12 weeks

Truffles and Emma at ...4 mos I think (Truffles Left, Emma Right)

Nationals at 6 mos old

Second major and BOB at 11 mos

Thank you all for looking and sharing in this journey with us!!! :aktion033:

Here are her mom and dad

Ch. Delcost Marc by Design (Dad)

Ch. Midis Queen of the Nile (Mom)
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Marina and Emma! What a winning pair. So proud of all of you!! Truffles sends kissed to her sister!!
OMG They are so GORGEOUS ! Congraulations !!! I love the pictures.......they are pure angelic beauties:wub:
Time to change your signature again! I'm so happy for Emma and Marina. Big congrats!
:cheer::cheer: OMG STACY - MARINA - FABULOUS NEWS. :cheer::cheer: How exciting and how fast. You must be so proud of both of them. Emma's always been a Champion in our eyes of course. :wub::wub: I'm so thrilled for you. Love the pictures though I must say I think my favorite is the last one of Marina and Emma at the hotel. They both look so happy together and obviously knew they were going to win:) Real confidence. Marina's just remarkable and I can't wait until she's at Westminster. We'll be in the cheering section for sure.:chili:
Hooray and congratulations to all of you. Today is about way more than a dog's accomplishments. Stacy, today is a day to celebrate YOUR accomplishments -- as a breeder and, so much more importantly, as a mother.

I am so thrilled for all of you!! :aktion033:

And I can't stop my heart from thumping ... that side profile of Emma moving gives me goosebumps ... she looks just like her grandpa Marc, the dog who sets the standard for what I will strive to produce.
I'm so excited for Marina and Emma!!!!! :chili::chili::chili:
Congratulations Marina and Emma!!! The pictures are wonderful, you can tell both girls enjoy what their doing. I really love that you showed the picture of Emma past and present. Her picture at 6 months is my favortie, she looks like an angel.:wub:
Way to go Stacy and Marina! I know you are just so proud of both of them. It's just great that you and Marina are enjoying this together.
How exciting. Way to go Marina!! I'm happy I was able to stop by on Saturday and sorry I missed the win on Sunday. Marina is so lucky to have such a supportive family. I can see that there is a lot of hard work for both of you. And I have to say Emma looks so happy in the ring.

Congratulations to 2 beautiful girls. Quite an accomplishment!!
:cheer:Congratulations to Marina, Emma and Stacy (Team Bellarata!) Go Team.
Wow!! That's quite an accomplishment for someone her age. :thumbsup: You must be so proud and I'm sure Marina is beside herself.
Please tell her I said Congratulations!! I can't wait to see what she does next. :wub: She's really been doing an amazing job. :aktion033::aktion033:
That's amazing!! :party: Big congrats to you, Marina, and Emma!!
I can't imagine how proud you must be Stacy. First of Marina and how fantastically she has trained and shown Emma. Then of Emma who has done so well so quickly. Lastly of yourself for doing so well in your breeding program. What a great day for all of you. Congratulations!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
1 - 20 of 73 Posts
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