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Anonymous Raffle Ticket Gifters

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I want to thank the person who gifted me another two raffle tickets. So THANK YOU!! What a great suprise!

I think the original spirit of SM is back!:chili::chili::chili:
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How fantastic is that!!! B)

It is amazing how generous people have been recently. I hope to give back the generosity I have received when I'm able to.
Yes - so many of our SM family have asked me to "gift" some of their tickets to others this year. I think it's just wonderful how much we're all pulling together again. :)

Makes my heart HAPPY.
I think that's great!
We have the some really wonderful people on this forum.
I too, wish to thank the generous person who gifted me. SM is awesome!
aww, come're making me tear up. How sweet was that!!!!

Lynn, how did we make out on the prize department this year? Did a lot of people join in?
Oh Good, I found the right link to thank the person who has gifted me with two raffle tickets too. What a nice surprize . This group has the most generous and thoughtful people on it.
So THANK-YOU to whoever you are, your the best..Hugs,Edie
We have 50 wonderful prizes that were so generously donated by SM friends. I would like to have any of them -- awwww -- but then, I can't play!!! :)
Oh, yes, the prizes are AMAZING this year! Lots and lots of wonderful things, including gift certificates!
I just got PM'd by Lynn that I got gifted several raffle tickets too!!! :aktion033:Thank you so much.:smootch: This is the givingest group of people I've ever known. Too sweet for words. I'm wishing everyone lots of luck.:Good luck: Have to look back in the threads to see when the drawing is.
I too received a PM from Lynn. Someone gifted me several tickets also. Thank you to my latest benefactor! Even if I don't win a prize, I'm still a winner because of the SM angles :innocent: who gifted me tickets. Thank you from the bottom of my (defective) heart! :)
Drawing is on July 19th, so we have anoth 10 days to donate. :)
i was also gifted 2 tickets thanks so much
i was also gifted several tickets , i thank anyone who did this from the bottom of my heart , i have become so attached to u guys lately and im starting to feel like part of a family here .. thank u .
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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