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Another amazing AMA rescue HAPPY story

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Just rec'd an e-mail from Bronwyne Mirkovich, you guys will LOVE this !! Sol can see, and not only that....boy he is a handsome boy :wub:

Bless all of you in rescue and no tears with this video, well maybe happy ones :)

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you just made my day:chili::chili:what a precious littleman:wub:I wanted to give that boy a big kiss:wub:
My Muffy also had cataracts and went blind, the surgery was very expensive but worth every dime to see my boy seeing again. I just can't express how happy I am for that littleman, he has his life back:chili:
Pam posted this one yesterday. I had to watch it again. :wub:
This little guy is amazing and I'd love to give him a hug. I'm so glad he had such a happy ending. :wub:
Aww, that made my day!! Big hugs to such a special little guy.:smootch::sLo_grouphug3:
what a great ending!!! I love the video and seeing him with his family of little ones!
How wonderful...not many better gifts than the gift of sight!!! (((((Thank you to everyone who made this possible))))))
This just made my night. God bless that litttle boy and everyone who rescued him. I am still sobbing. Halle is jumping up on me. Time for hugs.
Awesome story thanks for sharing.
I can't stop smiling. He has such a happy look to him now. I can't help but wonder what this little one thought when he opened his eyes for the first time... What a happy new beginning. Thank You for helping him and sharing his story with us.
That's wonderful. :wub:

(Have to add, in looks etc. he reminds me of my Spunky in his younger days. :) )
Thank you for sharing this! What a wonderful and happy ending for this sweet baby. I wonder how many years he was blind?
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