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Another boy in desperate need

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We received a call from a vet in Oregon today about a 1y.o. male that is in desperate need for reconstructive surgery on his crushed pelvis and fractured hip. He was run over by a car. His 20y.o. male owner is unable to afford the surgery and has surrendered him to the AMA.
He has not been well cared for, with his entire back one big mat and has had not had any medical care or immunizations. He has never seen a vet. :angry: As you all know the AMA has taken on the 16 (now 19 with the puppies just born) rescues from the breeder in Oregon, so we have a lot of expenses going out.
I know that you have all been so generous for so many lately and hope you might include this boy for one more donar drive to help with the $3800 cost of his surgery.
This boy is just a year old but looks 40..He has not had the best first year of life and we hope to get him fixed and into a loving home in time. Appreciate any help or donations that you can give.
Oh and his name is Palugen..I think we will call him Pal
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:crying 2::crying 2:Oh Edie. How heartbreaking to look at Pal. No vet, no immunizations, hit by a car -- oh the poor baby. Times are tight for us right now but one of my clients finally paid me today so I'll be PayPaling a donation. Good luck and thanks for taking him under your wing.:grouphug:
Edie could you add the link to your rescue for those who want to donate.
Well, I tried to post the link..
How do we do the donation? Do we do Pay Pal and put it in his name?

Heart breaking.

We had a german shepherd come in to our local shelter w/ a broken leg,we found the owner. Turns out he was a college student who found it as a stray a couple months before and kept it.

Poor dog got out while he was in class,got hit and ended up in our shelter. He came in to claim him but couldn't afford to pay for vet bills.

I do have to say,the kid tried,the dog was well fed and he did take him to the vet,he still lived at home w/ his folks....he was really heartbroken too.

The vet wouldn't give a discount,or a payment plan,so... let's just say it was a sad waste and hurts to this day....

Don't want this little one to face the same fate.
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How'd you do da?? :huh: Thanks
You can just donate to AMA paypal and make a note that it is for Pal. We will keep a log of what is donated for him
Yep, I know so many have been coming forward to help so many in need.

I often reach out to family, friends, co-workers, and clients.

I will be sending his story out tomorrow, in my email blast.

Thank you, Edie, for making sure this little soul was surrendered to AMA Rescue. His future is already looking brite ~ :wub:

Once again, here's the donation link, for those of you who are able to blast out a few emails, that would be great.
American Maltese Association

And of course, continue prayers for this little guy.
Just made donation for the little guy. I could'nt annotate who it was for though. I guess I can send them an email letting them know. Poor little boy.
ooo god this is so sad , i hv not doanted before but i def will on fri for this little guy , how very sad ,, i hope he gets all the help he deserves , poor baby .
I donated as much as I could ( I had to email also, since there was nowhere
to specify who the donation was for on paypal.). I also sent his story
and picture to my entire email list. I hope that they raise enough money to
help this little guy.... he's too young to have so many problems.
My donation is coming! Thank for all you do Edie and AMA Rescue! You rock!:rockon::rockon::rockon:
Edie - I just sent a donation for Pal. This is so tragic. It breaks my heart.
I donated. I hope you raise enough money. Poor little guy. I put the info on Facebook, too.
And, of course, if you donate for Pal, please remember to pm me so that I can issue raffle tickets to you.
Edie - I just made a donation - its small but hopefully it will help a little! I forgot to indicate it was for Pal but it was :)
I just made a donation via paypal, not sure how to let them know it is for Pal.

I just added my donation via PayPal. Gosh I hope this poor little guy can be helped and have a good life.
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