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Another cut for Ponyo!

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Even though I posted these in the grooming section, im gonna share them here too :innocent:
I took Ponyo in last night because it has just been WAY to hot and humid here, she was getting pretty scruffy and getting pretty hot on our evening walks.
Her nails also grow SO fast, they were very long and starting to snag on clothes and the rug! :blink: How often do most of you trim nails?

anyway, here are a few of her new cut! I just LOVE LOVE how they do her "Okinawa puppy cut" here!!!!

She was totally done with pictures by this point! LOL :HistericalSmiley:
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Oh, that cut is just adorable on her. I love love love it:biggrin: I also love the pictures of her with the bigger dog. They look like they love each other:wub:
I love it!!! Ponyo is a little cutie pie. Love the way he is playing
with Callie. Such precious moments.
I love the pictures of them playing together, or more like, Ponyo nibbing on Cali, so cute!!! :wub: :wub:
Looks like she rules in your house. Cute pics!
She's adorable! I love her ears....:wub:
Aww. Love the ears...she looks like she's wearing pigtails! The pictures of her and Cali playing are really cute.
She's sooo adorable!! :wub: I love that Cali is so gentle with her. They make a great match! :DD
Awww! lovely pics. Cali looks so happy with Ponyo. Just adorable.
Ponyo looks soooooooooooooooooooooo adorable:wub::wub:. Love the pics.
OMG - those photos are adorable!!! I love the third one of Ponyo and Cali.:wub::wub: Looks to me like a Christmas card for next year. :)
O how cute ! Both the lab and Ponyo are beautiful. The last pic makes me laugh because the lab's face is practically the same size as little Ponyo.
So cute!
Ponyo will be nice and cool in the summer!
I always show my mom her pics :) i'm like "this would be so cute on alice! ... but i can't, for the life of me, give up her top knot!" she's a doll :)
Thanks everyone! Yes, Cali loves ponyo and has always been SOSO gentle w/ her. Ponyo is a little bugger, she is always attacking Cali's face! lol
I TOTALLY agree, I think Ponyo has the cutest ears EVER!!!
Thank you for our sweet comments, I love reading them!
OMG!! She cannot get any cuter! I can't stand it. Love her cut - it's perfect for her and love the pic of her and Callie - esp the one where she's biting him - Callie is smiling :)
OMG, that is one adorable baby. :wub::wub::wub: Love her!
i loove ponyo she is soo cute and i agree her ears are to die for , i was contemplating same cut on dolce but im afraid he will look like he has pigtails..
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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