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Another pic of the new babies

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from Edie...
Marley and pups.


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Ahhhh, that is so sweet!!! Just precious!!!:wub::wub::wub:
Awwww. Marley looks so much better than I did a day after I gave birth to one child:) She's really cute and those pups are to die for.:wub:
I love looking at their little ears, or as I described them to a friend after my first litter ... alien appendages. And I love watching the pigment come in. Usually by day 3 there's a very faint but distinct line of pale gray on the lips. Those first couple of days are soooooo cool, I feel like every time I look at the pups something else is changing/happening.
What a precious mother and cute babies! I hope all is doing well.
Oh, my :wub:

Marley looks like she's got the hang of this motherhood thing. :wub:
The pups are so cute. I hope they thrive--and that they have their mom's eyes -- when they open. :wub:
Gonna wear out this :wub: smilie if I'm not careful.
Oh my goodness. How awesome. Good job Marley ! U did a great job
Marley is very pretty. I hope all goes well with the adoption/rescue!
ut oh......looks like I missed a post somewhere....who won the guess????

My goodness, Marley is adorable!!! :wub::wub:eek:h, don't you just love babies...
oh, sooo beautiful!!!:wub::wub::wub::wub:
Aww, so beautiful. So happy it was Marley and not me. LOL
Beautiful Mom and babies. I love those little pink ears. So sweet!
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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