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OK, another question for a non-showing Malt mom thinking about possibly eventually getting into showing...

What is the best way to start showing? I definitely do not want to go in "cold turkey" like the guys on "Showdog Moms and Dads" did with their Rat Terrier. My husband knows of a former co-worker who shows Great Danes and I know there are a couple of local folks that show other small breeds as well as my vet who shows Rhodesian Ridgebacks. These folks may be able to give me some insight...

If I were to start looking for a show quality Malt would I be able to see all the standard features as a young pup (6 mos)? If I adopt from a breeder such as Divine or some other known high quality show breeder, can I trust that they are actually showing me a prospective "show quality" pup (although I understand that nothing is guaranteed with such pups) ?

I'm trying to start to go to nearby shows to see first hand what showing is like, but just to kind of get my thoughts in order I'd appreciate any input or tips that you'd give to novices.

Oh, is there a way to show Deni (after being spayed) just to kind of get in the groove? I'm not quite clear on the AKC Limited shows for dogs who "may" be purebred...does this include altered, known purebreds? TIA!!
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