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Another SM MalteseToon added Post#1 [Guess & find out who it is]

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Here is my 3rd drawing in Paint. Let us see if you can guess it right :D

Who is the maltese who I tried to draw?

Hint (1): The maltese is female.
Hint (2): She belongs to our SM family :wub:
Hint (3): Her and her mommy joined SM last month
Hint (4): She lives with her human family and another bigger fluff.
Hint (5): Her ADORABLE hair cut makes her look like a tiny pup:wub:
Hint (6): The little girl isn't feeling 100% well at the moment. Hope this will cheer her mommy up

can you guess who she is? or do you need more hints? ^_^ Have fun



ok SM, it is time for another KatToon thread.

I just finished drawing another cartoon. I actually started with it yesterday, but I wasn't happy with how I drew it, so I had to leave it and draw another one again today. It isn't very easy when you use a mouse. My hand needs practice to learn how to not shake and better draw with the paintbrush. Nevertheless, it was fun drawing it :D and I thought of sharing and seeing if you will be able to guess the malt who I tried to draw....

The painting above isn't the final work. I will only post the final touch of the drawing when I get the right guess of "who is the maltese whom Kat drew?:wub:"

I will be giving hints .... starting now ^_^

Hint (1): the maltese whom I tried to draw is a female. A very beautiful one. My drawing doesn't do her justice really.
Hint (2): she is one stylish malt. She always look elegant in her photos. she is known among some of us in SM for having a trademark (stylish trademark or trend). If you look at the drawing closely, you might guess it right.
Hint (3): she lives with her mommy and another pretty maltese girl

- her mommy knows about the drawing (Kat to her mommy: I hope that you like it:grouphug: )

I will give more hints depending on the guesses that I will get.

Have fun guessing or reading :grouphug:

I think that I'm starting to get addicted to drawing in paint :HistericalSmiley: only a couple of days ago, I shared my first drawing of Snowytoon. I hope the feeling to draw continues longer. It is fun so far :D

Watch out.... your maltese might be next :wub:


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If its not Cosy she sure is a cute girl!
Cosy is my guess also!!!!
Cosy and her are sure cutie pies :wub:

Hint (4): She currently has longer coat than adorable Cosy.
Hint (5): her first name ends with 'N'

Definitely Rain!! I adore Rain, CeeCee, and their Mommy!!!!!!
All this excitement in guessing....I forgot to tell you that I love your drawings!!! Please keep them coming!!
I think its Rain too. I thought it was CeeCee at first, but they you said it ends with "N", so then I knew it was Rain.
Lol my guess by looking was Cosy, by the first clue Cee Cee then by the last Rain :)

I think they are awesome Kat. Well done.
yup it's Rain with her BIG bow, well done Kat:aktion033:
My 1st guess would have been Cozy too but I will go with Rain.

This is fun, keep them coming.
Awww that is sooo adorable, you are so talented. I wish I could draw like that, even on the computer, or anything. My stick figures look bad! :HistericalSmiley:
i couldnt remember the name but i knew she wore big bows ... rain ???

ur cartoons r adorable!
Definitely Miss Rain!

I first thought Cosy from the looks, but then saw the oversized bow and thought CeeCee...but knew she didn't have that exact haircut. I couldn't remember what Rain's hair looked like now!

Sooooo adorable! :)

Presenting RainToon

if you wanna look at the real beauty, you will find her in Dianne's avater (CeeCee'smommy). That was the picture that I looked at when I tried to draw her. I love her big black bow ^_^ and love her, her mommy and pretty CeeCee .. I just couldn't resist drawing that pic

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Thank you Kat.....that is a great pic of Rain!!!! You are just the BEST!!!! I will print that out to keep~~~:chili::chili::chili:
Ahahaha! I first thought Cosy too but her sister doesn't live with her anymore so I knew it had to be Rain with that big bow! Cute, so cute, Kat!
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