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Originally posted by Fach@Jul 19 2005, 12:29 PM
Ok, I do have one real hidden talent. SHOPPING! So here I sit trying to be patient for miss Dixie to reach final size. i have a long way to go seeing she is only 15 weeks  :D I found this dogggie neclace before she even came home and i am dying to order it for her. it is expensive and i am afraid to order too small and she will outgrow it. Should i continue to wait and hope the necklace is still available when she is bigger, or is there a way to guesstimate [new word] what her final neck size will be? She is currently about a six inch neck, just over two pounds, fifteen weeks old. I was told parents were four and five and a half pounds. impossible to say,  i know. The necklace would look soooo nice on her though. I would order a size to fit her later and just put it away for now.
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I can't help on the sizing issue but wow.... what a gorgeous necklace!!!
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