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Originally posted by mee@Nov 22 2005, 11:18 AM
i wanted to buy this carrier since its on sale, but it says that its NO SIZE when i press the check out button..

my girl is 6 pounds and im guessing that she'll need a large size, but does anybody know what size NO SIZE is?
has anybody bought this carrier during the sale from this website and what size did u recieve?


juicy carrier
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[/QUOTE] Juicy bag is the same size, older model. I think a lot depends on how big Jong-ee is, more than her weight. I think if your dog is over 10 inches in length and height, you might find this bag too small. Valletta can turn around completely in her bag when it is all zipped's funny to watch her do it because the bag starts moving every which way. But Saks has a good return policy, so you can try the bag and if it doesn't work, send it back!
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