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Hey all,

We are having some real concerns with our oldest recently. She seems to be very withdrawn and antisocial recently. We took her to the vet and they didn't say anything was wrong with her. She seems to be physically ok, but she's been acting different, almost depressed?

She pretty much stays under our bed all day and night when we're home now except when she wants to go outside. She used to always hang out in whatever room we were in, now she doesnt. Also she used to come up into bed with us every morning, and she stopped doing that too.

Also, she's excited to see us when she's been left at home, but then goes back to her seclusion pretty quickly.

She used to bark at us alot when she wanted things, now she hardly ever says anything??

We are taking both the girls home for new years with us, when we get back we are going to take her to the vet again and probably have her do a full check on her, and maybe bloodwork? If everything turns up ok. we are thinking about trying to talk to a behaviorist, or a dog psychologist... we're thinking maybe it's because we're spending so many hours working at our store and she's not liking it.

I hope that's not it, or there's something we can do because we're not sure what to do if it is the store??

Anyway, just wanted some opinions.

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