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Anyone have KwigyBo Charlie?

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Kwigy.Bo : Shop : Charlie - Black- FINAL SALE! : KB-311 :!

Pros? Cons?

I'm window shopping for winter bags.
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Sorry, Suzan I don't have one....but I did like the Alex...someone had one at the nationals. I considered getting one, but of all Ava's carriers, she always chooses that silly little $20 ferret carrier from Petsmart...oh brother. But it fits her well and she can sit up in it.

I like those Kwigi.Bo bags because they have pockets to carry other stuff and they don't look like dog carriers. If you get one, I'd be interested in hearing how you like it....errr how Nikki likes it. :thumbsup:
i do suzan, and i'm not fond of it. it runs a bit small and collapses more than the other KB bags, like Alex, etc.
I have the London (it's canvas) and I love it. It's so light weight. A great spring/summer bag. I like the Charlie and that's a very good price.
Suzan, I don't have that bag but I think it's nice..but just one doesn't have end flaps..just an open mesh area. I don't know if that is important to you but in my experience, I've found it's nice to have the flaps over the mesh area...just in case you need to be incognito (or le femme nikita needs to be!).
I have the KwigyBo London in white, so I have a summer bag. I suspected that the Charlie had some issues. It looks like it would be heavy and collapse pretty easily. Thanks for the tips!

Nikki likes to be in a bag, but she refuses to put her head inside, lol.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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