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We did that with my first one and let me tell you what happened!!!

For 3-4 months I used the monitor and we followed the directions and my "time" was about the same each month going by the monitor. Well, after September, we quit trying b/c I was trying to "time" the baby for certain months b/c I am a teacher.

So, in October...before a Halloween party...we "ya know"...and after he said..."Your're Pregnant!"
(He's nuts!) My reply was..."I can't be, because my 'time' has already passed by over a week." So we thought we were safe.

Well, about 2-3 weeks later...I started feeling tired, even Lucky Charms gave me indigestion...I was breaking out like a teenager...and I went to the doctor. I had not yet missed a period, so he assumed it was stress, told me to settle down, and gave me some Tagamet.

Well, a few more weeks passed...and my period never came. So one Sunday hubby got up and got me McDonald's for breakfast. I had the worst indigestion of my life and I decided to go and get a test. So I went to our local drug store and bought 4!!!

I went home and took one (he was at a yard-football game). It was positive! :eek: I freaked out! I called my best friend and told her to come over RIGHT AWAY! I started drinking water like a mad dog so that I could take another test! She came over and held my hand while we waited for the second one to turn (or not turn) positive. Sure did too! So we loaded up in the car and I took the "stick" to show my hubby! (yes, at the football game! He was quite embarrassed, although REALLY excited once he figured it out!) So...the next morning I took a THIRD one when I woke up-(I guess I thought it was going to reverse or something!
) It was DEFINITELY positive! (I still have that stick too in Mitchell's baby stuff!

So, I called the doctor. When I told the nurse that I had taken THREE tests...she LAUGHED hysterically at me!
I said, "what is so funny?!
" She asked, "Why so many?!" I said, "I took those fertility tests for 4 months and they told me when I was fertile! This baby was not conceived at the right time. I guess I didn't believe it!" She said you couldn't always go by those tests!
She said sometimes the egg "hangs around" longer than normal...which I guess is what happened with us!

So, to make a long story short...they might work, BUT , don't go by them if you are trying NOT to get pregnant!!! Ha ha...we have a seven year old living proof that it didn't work that way!!!!

Good luck though!!! "Trying" is the best part!!!!
Ha ha!!!!!!

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Originally posted by Denise&Chico@Jan 11 2005, 12:03 PM
Oh the best of luck to you , We also have 3 children my first was with 1 month and my daughter took 6 months of trying lol! then my 3 rd, 7 years after my 2nd was a huge surprise like ltunn  i had lots of tests in the house and had a ''spare '' i didnt even miss a period yet just felt alittle odd lol well i peed on the stick 
did i just say that ?!
  and went in the shower actually forgot about it! Came out and very casually looked at it ,Welll let me tell you the whole world should have heard me yell '' NO way are you kidding me"" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i must have said it 20 times  Still , now 3 years later i crack up when i think about it . and she my now 3 yr old daughter is the biggest blessing Thank god for surprises 
  BABY DUST coming your wayyyyy!!!!!!! ~ Denise
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That is SO funny.....
When I got pregnant with my second, we were aiming for May as a due date. Well, when I finally started feeling like I was pregnant, I was in denial, b/c I knew it was a month too early! So I did not take the many tests like I did the first time. I waited until I was a couple weeks past my period and just went to the dr. to take the test. Well, I did the test, left the sample in the window, and came out of the bathroom. Behind the wall were several nurses. One of them poked her head around and called my name....and said "it is pink-and that came up really quick"!
I just stood there. She said, "Honey, that means it's positive!"
She was SO excited!
I was NOT! (even though I really already knew!
) I said right there out loud-*very distressed!* "Holy crap!" I can't have a baby in April! :eek: It is supposed to be in MAY!!!!" Of course, they thought it was hilarious! I STILL did not!

I was teaching third grade at the time, and I REALLY needed to get past the state testing dates with my I could get in all my review and give them the test myself. I was SO distressed....but what are ya gonna do?! In the end, the Lord took care of things, and I made it through testing and was induced with Emily on the first day of our spring break! It worked out perfectly!!!! Could not have "planned" it better...ha ha!!!!!! I had almost 4 whole months with her before I had to go back to school!!!!!

Anyway, moral of the story..."sometimes the good Lord has other plans than yours!"

Good luck Glamour Dog!!!!! Skin kids are truly a blessing from above!!!!

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Originally posted by ButterCloudandNoriko+Jan 11 2005, 01:27 PM-->
@Jan 11 2005, 11:15 AM
I said right there out loud-*very distressed!* "Holy crap!" I can't have a baby in April! :eek: It is supposed to be in MAY!!!!" Of course, they thought it was hilarious! I STILL did not! 

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HAHAHAHAHAHAH She ended up being your "favorite" though! LOL That was funny!
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Oh yeah! She's my girl!!! What a blessing...both of them are...but she is "my girl"!
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