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The presence or lack of staining because of the water from one region of the country to another depends on the iron content. An area such as south central Kansas (Wichita) has so much iron,and sulpher in the water it's necessary to have seperate units in conjunction to the softener to remove it. Here in Vegas, the mineral content is very high due to the caliche, but we don't have the iron content. Water here varies from one area of the city to another b/c it's running off of different wells as well as Lake Mead/Colorado River. Most homes here have water softeners, as well as a filtration system for drinking water, or they buy drinking water. Vegas was recently voted to have the 3rd worst water in the country!

If anyone is looking for potassium chloride for their water softener Walmart, Sam's and Costco carry it - well at least they do here - so check out those business' in your area.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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