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I hope this is allowed.

Hey everyone, Lexi's mom just reminded me that I have lots of extra doggy stuff that I don't really need anymore. My friends and family have gone totally overboard buying things for Peanut. Since I am in the process of finding a new pup, I will keep some of the stuff, but there are plenty of things(leashes, harnesses, plastic crates, toys, and a pee pad frame) that I really don't need. I mean, Peanut has harnesses and leashes in like 5 or 6 different colors, and a couple of flexi leashes. His stuff is hogging up all my free space and I just wanted to make this offer to my malt buddies before I head off to ebay. Everything that I would sell is in great condition, either not used much at all or never used. PM me if you are interested. There is too much stuff to post pics of everything, I can send pics and descriptions if you are interested! :D Just ask and I'll see if I have what you need!!!
Thanks for reading!!
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