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Anyone see the new TD Bank commercial?

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I tried to find the video on youtube, but it doesn't appear to
be there. In the new commercial Regis is standing outside with a
bunch of dogs on leashes and he tells Kelly that he's watching them
so that their owners can do their banking. Then she tells him that dogs
are now allowed in TD Bank, so they could have gone in. Pretty
good marketing scheme.... going after all of the dog people... right?
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I haven't seen it but I heard it on the radio.....I think its brilliant and makes sense since TD is in a lot of urban locations where people might bank on a weekend while walking dog/kids.
They've also given out dog bones at my TD branch. I like them because they refund any bank machine fees incurred if you use someone else's machine --they don't charge and they refund you the other bank's fee. I used them when I went to europe and was using ATMs there.
I haven't seen the commercial, but I will watch out for it.

They are certainly allowed in our CIBC.
Employees at both TD and Bank of America look forward to me bringing Ava in. In B.O.A. the girls all take turns holding her :wub: and we leave with a giant dog bone :blink: that I usually toss when I get outside because they're red or green :w00t: or some other color.
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