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anyone seen Chicago on broadway?

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I am planning a trip to the big apple and attempting to select a couple shows for us to see. We have a fourteen year old daughter whom is very intellegent and mature. She has seen many stage productions. We are parents that really consider the content prior to purchasing tickets for a show [or a movie]. We do not allow movies higher than pg13 without our viewing them for content first. Anyway, has anyone seen Chicago on the stage? I am under the impression that the dance might be too sexual for a family show. I know the costumes are very sparse. My daughter has been dancing for over ten years and wants to go for the dance aspect, but I think it's too much. Any comments from the Moms out there???
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I really enjoyed it. I suspect that most 14 year olds have seen worse on TV and movies. I will tell you tho, my 70 something parents (particularly my mom) were fairly appalled. It was too risque for them. But they don't go to movies and they don't watch much TV other than Discovery Channel, History Channel, etc.n They've never even seen Seinfeld.
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