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Are you sure it's SHE who will feel uncomfortable with her dad there or is it YOU ? You mention that your daughter is dancing for 10 years. What kind of dancing is she doing ? I didn't see the Broadway show only saw the movie. But if she is in to dancing she will look at it from the art stand point and not the sexual. A lot of times it's us adults who have a dirty mind and not the kids. And if you judge your daughter to be mature at 14 she is old enough to see it. But that's me. And it's YOUR daughter. I also don't think that shielding kids is necessarely a good thing. The more you tell them they cannot watch this or that the more they are going to find ways to do it. But as I said, that's me. You know your daughter best. It's for you to judge and know what's best for her.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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