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I went for an interview at Banfield and..I dont know if this really makes a difference to anyone and I'm not trying to take sides...but their "vet techs" arent really vet techs, they dont have to have any schooling whatsoever. They are trained on the premises. In my opinion, they also are very corporate minded. They said part of my responsibility of working there would be to go out into Petsmart and recruit people. She talked a lot about their sales and their estimated sales..that they should be making 30% of Petsmarts profits. I didnt really feel comfortable having to recuit people. I personally think that good vets are found through word of mouth by happy customers. That is ow we've found all of our good pets. When I went in for the interview they evn gave me a wellness plan booklet to take home for Kylee. I was looking at the prices and I would never enroll in that..I mean, my vet will only charge me like 25.00 to take Kylee in for just a check up if I think something is wrong, and I dont really see a problem with that fee. Also while I was there, there was only one dog in the back in an isolation pen, a little yellow lab, and he was laying in a lot of vomit. When the woman showedhim to me, she alerted someone that there was vomit back there, but the other people in the office werent doing anything at the time so im not sure why they hadnt checked on him to see that he vomited..or heard it...since his pen was about 6 feet away from where they were standing. Again, this is my opnion at the Banfield I visited. Im sure there are really good ones out there..but I wouldnt take Kylee to the one that I visited.
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