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Aolani's first boat ride

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So, it's Memorial Day weekend and what do we decide to do - got for a boat ride yay!

Let's take a pic of me in my polo shirt before we get buckeld in (aka the before pic, see how white and clean he is, teh following pics show how dirty he got rolling around in the grass prior to the boat ride):

Safety first:

Ah, cool breeze!:

Mom, I love dis!:

What a view:

Dis is da life:

Mom held on to me tightly:

Pic with mom - can't believe she took me away from da view:

Pic with dad:

Family pic - can I go now pweeease???:

Finally back to my view:

Getting sleepy now:

Wake me up when we get der:

Thanks for looking!
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you look like you are having a WONDERFUL time on your first boat ride!!!! Hunter wishes he had been with you.
How sweet! Thanks for sharing! It looks like everyone had a good time.
How adorable and what a beautiful family!!
Thanks for sharing.
Wow, amazing pics of your exciting boat trip, little Aolani! Seems that you've spent a wonderful time with your Mommy and Daddy!

Thanks for sharing!

Alexandra :wub:
Edith - those are just THE cutest photos. I love the clean one in Aolani's polo shirt.:wub::wub: But then his little life jacket and with mom and dad on the "open??" seas...or maybe bay or inlet -- are the sweetest. What a handsome (and beautiful) family. Where was your boat ride? It looked like the perfect day for the three of you. :chili::chili:Happy holiday!
You guys all look so relaxed and happy!!! Thanks for sharing your fun boat ride pics!! :)
Great pics, he looks so cute in his Lifejacket. I don't know about Jodi but I wish I was with you...looks like fun.
awwwwwh what a cutie pie you are, Mr. Cool Maltese Dude ^_^ love these pictures .. you three make a beautiful family :)

Thanks for sharing your boat adventure with us :D LOVE all these pictures and I wish that I can also hold on you tightly <3 you are TOO CUTE to be hugged, Aolani boy.


ps. Snowy here: "Hey buddy, I love your polo shirt....mama's fwiend told me dat it is coow to hab da collar of da shiwt to go upwards.. twy dat in your next polo shiwt picture. Me wuv wearing it dat way; see if you will also wike it" *tail wags*
What cute pictures! It looks like you guys had fun! :D
Thank everyone! Susan, we were at Greenwood Lakes in NY. Erin, Aolani would have loved it if Hunter and his other malt pals (including Jodi and her mom) would have joined him so that they can experience what he did. He was actually very calm - I really do think he enjoyed it.

Aolani: "Snowy, fanks for da tip of the polo colla. I axed my mom to let me wear it dat way but she sed dat de style is copywite by you - whateba dat means. I will let her know next time dat you sed its ok"
love the pictures, especially of the three of you. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day
Oh my goodness, in that green (favorite color) polo shirt, he is just a little dollbaby!!!:wub: Darling pics of the family and the boat ride.......Thanks for sharing!!!
Cute pics!! Love his little life jacket and his windblown hair!!
Great pictures. Loved specially the last one. :HistericalSmiley:she had such a hard day, now she is done.
So cute, just want to hug him! Fresh air makes a boy sleepy tired.
Woo! Looks like you guys had tons of fun! Aolani's such a fuzzy cutie :wub: and I really like the life-jacket detail! Thanks for sharing :)
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