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Appointment is set for Baci's surgery

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I just made the apt for Baci's surgery to remove the cyst on his paw..Im i little nervous and was a little taken back when the tech called me back and said Baci cant have anything to eat from 8pm the night before except water and will not say what time he is scheduled for but it would be done by morning or early afternoon bringing him in by 7 AM then they will see how he is doing than call me to see if i can pic him up..I also asked about how much hair will they have to shave and she told me that they will have to shave 2 places the paw with the cyst plus another leg for the introvenious...I did call my Groomer and left and message that he will need a hair cut .
Please say a prayer that everything is OK with my Baci and a little one for me that i dont drive them and myself crazy ....Im sure some of you do understand how we can be when it comes to our babys...Thanks Kathy
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Kath - what day is the surgery? I don't think I saw it on your post. I would gather they would plan to do it in the morning but sometimes emergencies come in and it backs up. Is it at the Animal Medical Center? I'll be sending thoughts and prayers to you for Baci's successful surgery and recovery. I'm sure it's pretty routine but they just want to make sure about it. Did they ever get a biopsy on it from your last appt. (I can't remember). Keep us posted.
I'm sure little Baci will be just fine, but as you said we all worry about
our little ones. Baci will be in my thoughts and prayers.
I sure will pray for Baci. I'll include you too and ask that you can become a little calmer. I know exactly what you mean and would be worse than you I imagine. What day is the surgery Kathy?
I hope your little one will be okay. Sending you positive thoughts !
Baci is having the surgery on July 28 Th ...Thank God the biopsy is benign.
i will be praying for baci ! keep us posted pls !
Baci is having the surgery on July 28 Th ...Thank God the biopsy is benign.
Thanks for the date and I'm so glad the biopsy was benign. I know how much we hate our guys and girls going into surgery but at least you know what you're dealing with in this case. So you have a couple of weeks to utterly indulge Baci:) Just spoil him silly.:chili:
I am so glad to hear the cyst is benign! What a relief!!! I hope the surgery goes smoothly without complications. Can he walk with that on his foot now? Will he have to be off his feet for awhile after the surgery?
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