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Argh, Hubby got ME this time!!!

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Usually, one night of the weekend, hubby and I and the kiddies do get some down time. It's when he gets really good playtime in with the kids and I usually pull the camera out on him. Well, he turned the table on me tonight, and decided to take pics of me with the kids. No makeup, just got done doing MIL from head to toe, but I'm glad in a way he caught these moments with my two little ones and thought I would share.

He doesn't get to use the camera too much, so of course, he cut my head off :HistericalSmiley: and a wee bit blurry, awww but he tried.

Dog Mammal Vertebrate Dog breed Canidae

For some reason, even on my lap, Leo must be on top, bless Mia, it never bothers her.

Dog Mammal Vertebrate Dog breed Canidae

Okay, I really have no explanation as to why I am making the expressions I am in these two, guess it's just the Mommy in me, Oh my :blink: but I thought the kids looked so cute. All their Daddy had to do was make a kissy noise, and they looked right at him :wub:
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Dog Mammal Vertebrate Canidae Dog breed

Sweetest kisses from my Mia :wub: and Leo playing "how long can I extend my tongue "

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My happy little babies:wub:

Dog Mammal Vertebrate Dog breed Canidae

Sweet kisses from Leo :wub:
Vertebrate Mammal Dog Dog breed Canidae

And the loves of my life, how blessed we are to have them :wub:

Dog Mammal Vertebrate Dog breed Maltepoo

And yes, the topknot saga continues at our home, but I think their Daddy is coming around. Now he has no choice because Mia's hair is too long to go without one :thumbsup: He's getting better about it, but it was a long road. He had to feel the band, feel the band in her hair, show a vet tech we know, oh me oh my......but I think he is coming around.

Thanks for looking and lots of love and kisses from Mia and Leo :wub:
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Those pictures are absolutely precious! I'd be making the cute mommy faces too if I had those two lovebugs in my lap! :wub:
You resemble my baby sister!
The tongue of a maltese says it all, doesn't it? I love their response to you in these photos-----so much love evident.
Thank your hubby for having the camera out!
kitzi & sandi
Awwwwwh <3 I totally LOVED these sweet sweet sweet pictures ^_^ I love the fluffs' happy faces; their mommy also looks happy, loving and pretty - I am glad that your hubby had the camera in hand to capture these moments that can be forever treasured <3
Thanks for sharing.
Loved the pics........all looked so good!! They look so happy with their Mommy and they are clean, healthy babies!!! Just darling pictures of the three of you!!! Love those tongue shots too!!!!:chili:
Sweet loving pics, Christine. You can feel the love in them. :thumbsup:
Oh Christine these pics are just so wonderful! I love seeing you and your babies together. The bond between you just leaps through the camera. And the expressions you have in those pics is just like a mommy expression when they are talking to their babies and getting them to look at the camera. :wub: I love it! You look beautiful!!! And so do Mia & Leo. :heart:
Those are fabulous pictures!! Hubby did a great job capturing you and the babies. :good post - perfect:
How sweet! Those pictures are just perfect and really show how great your relationship with Leo and Mia is. Love how they both smile and the give you kisses. Your DH did a great job on the pics :)
Awww thank you all so much for your sweet comments, they always warm my heart. Nothing in he world, like sharing our babies with each other. You all are the best. I will let hubby know he did a good job. Thank you so much again. Much love.
What wonderful pictures..That's one happy family!!! Tell you
dh thanks for taking the pictures.
They are lovely snuggley photos :tender: :tender:
Love your photos! I think your hubby did a wonderful job....he captured all the love between all of you as a family! So cool and the photos depict natural beauty, too! Very, very sweet!
Christine your beaming in those pictures:wub: I especially love the kissing ones:wub:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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