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Ava's Chaise Lounge - it's for a doll, LOL

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Just added pics of Ava's chaise to my previous thread. Thanks for looking. :p We had such a fun weekend, I can't wait till next year.

Before Nanci left, we went to TJ Maxx and she found this tiny lounge made for a doll and bought it for Ava.

She just sat there for a while.
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Hey, Cousin, Rosie Posie (Baby for short), come over here!!
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You can sit in my other bed and we can be cool. :thumbsup:
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This is the original thread:

More stuff that people brought to the puppy party.....

Nanci (Puttie Pie) brought me gifts - and I don't even have pictures of everything yet....but here's some...

She brought Ava a new bag, can you believe it? I can't, I love it!
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And an orchid - gorgeous
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She also brought me a tee shirt that says "Life is Good" :aktion033:

And today when we went shopping, she bought Ava a leopard chaise lounge - OMG - I need to take a picture of that!!

Anyway, thanks for looking. I am so blessed, I can't stand it!
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Love the presents! Nanci is so generous!
See that...people shower you with gifts b/c you are the best host!!!! Nanci is also great @ spoiling!

Enjoy the prezzies!!!
wow - incredible!
That is very sweet!
I can't wait to see a pic of Ava's leopard chaise!
Not only is that super generous, but with traveling, it takes a lot of extra work!
How fabulous! I love your new items, can't wait to see the chaise lounge for Ava!
Nanci - :you rock:! Now I hope Ava will be sporting a tiger bikini in the leopard chaise lounge. Or is that too much animal print? Okay a teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini will do. :wub:
that was so sweet of Nanci!! beautiful gifts!!
WOW ! even more.. ( I saw the others as well)... such a great group of gals!
That's so sweet of Nanci!! She's the best!!! So are you, Pat!!!
That is just so incredibly thoughtful! I love that carrier bag and can't wait to see the starlet reclining on her new chair!!
Oh how kind! I am so happy that you and Nanci got to spend some extra time together today! So, is her hair as gorgeous in person as it is in pictures?!?!
Wow Pat are you lucky yes you need to have Ava pose on her chaise, like she is living the high Kate Winslet in Titanic...make sure she is wearing the hope diamond...
Pat, I just can't get over how happy you made everyone with your puppy party. :chili:Just look at Nanci's face -- she is glowing!!! :heart: I know she had the best time, like everyone else. You throw the best parties!!!
See that...people shower you with gifts b/c you are the best host!!!! Nanci is also great @ spoiling!

Enjoy the prezzies!!!
Sorry, been MIA for awhile, life gets hectic here. I saw the fun photos on FB. You all look SO cute with your babies and I could see what a great time you all had! I would have loved to jump right in that photo! ;)
OMG Ava is way too gorgeous sitting in that precious teeny chaise made for a doll.

Too bad Baby's got her face down. I would love to see Baby and Ava's faces right next to each other. It would be too much cuteness to take in one picture, though!!
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