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Baby Shower

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I am planning my cousins baby shower and I really have NO idea what I am supposed to do! We grew up like sisters and so I really want it to be a special day for her but we are on a budget. Right now I am trying to find some reasonable invitations that we could put our own message on and we need 55! Anyone out there with experience or help?
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ohh....I helped to throw 4 of them this year so far! I found that basic invitations from Target were best because most people throw them away. We sent beautiful ones to the Mom's immediate family members but sent cheaper ones to friends and extended family. We then framed one of the nice ones for the nursery and gave it to the Mom as a gift.

Our decorations were mostly left over ones from all the bridal showers we have been throwing over the years. Vases filled with candy, a lanterns with tea lights, pink, green, and yellow napkins (all my friends have had girls so far) and some fresh flowers. We didn't go overboard with baby decorations as we wanted to be able to spend more money on gifts for the baby.

For games to occupy some time we did all the following (at various showers) (1) chocolate bars melted in diapers and you guess which bar was in which diaper (2) guess the date of birth and sex (sex was done the one time we didn't know before - winner was sent a bouquet of flowers on the date of baby's birth). (3) babyfood guessing game - 10 jars with missing labels and each guest got to try the food and write down what they thought it was - we stuck to single or double foods only (4) Guess Mom's weight - only did this with one Mom as she thought it would be fun.

For food we kept it light each time with finger foods and fresh fruit so that nothing caused the Mom's to feel sick. Cupcakes instead of cake went over real well and on a Cupcake tree made a great decoration on the table.

We usually all pitched in to make a large diaper cake to put in the center of the gift table - so many friends loved the first two that we have just continued it!
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For my sister's shower and my daughter's graduation party,
I bought inexpensive invitations and printed them myself
with my printer. Everyone assumed they were professionally
done..... and it was so easy... I just had to play around with
the font and the size and the spacing a little bit.
Focus on tricks, tips and treats the mom-to-be will relish and remember.
Collect baby photos of your guests before the party, assign a number to each, and see who can match the adults to their younger selves the quickest.

Baby showers bring out the kid in everyone. Buy hula-hoops, jacks, crayons and construction paper, and draw a hopscotch board on your driveway with chalk.
Buy 15 flavors of baby food, peel off the labels, and test everyone's taste buds. First prize? More baby food, of course.
Ask guests to bring five pink or blue note cards with their favorite mum secrets. Assign topics to get everyone thinking: simple, healthy snacks, potty training advice or tricks for getting baby to sleep through the night are always appreciated.
Pass out miniature notebooks, divide guests into pairs, and ask each to compile a baby best-of list, based on their own little ones or childhood favorites. Lists can include everything from the best baby CDs to kid-friendly eateries and favorite toys.
All mothers know you can never have enough onesies. Buy plain onesies in various sizes, and ask guests to decorate one for the baby. Provide paints, markers, rubber stamps and stamping pads, and a needle and thread for embroidering.

Keep the baby theme going with baby-size food. Mini quiches, tarts and tea sandwiches are all suitably sized main dishes.

Pair your entree with a fresh salad featuring baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and small, flavor-packed pomegranate seeds. For dessert, serve petits fours and mini cupcakes.

For nibbling throughout the party, put out bowls of tiny snacks like pastel-colored candies, olives, assorted nuts, grapes and raspberries.

Or hang a clothesline and attach onesies to it with clothespins.
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:blush: Just some more ideas ... already great ones posted. Games. Cotton balls thrown on paper plates and guests have vaseline on their noses and attempt to transfer cotton balls to a bowl and time it. Walk through the room slowly with a large tray of items used with babies.. There are many. And then put out of sight and have guests attempt to write down as many as they can.. Pass around blue and pink yarn with scissors and have the guests cut the length they think the belly measurement of momma is. Hope you have a great time..
OMG you all are so creative!!! Thank you so much for the ideas and suggestions. :ThankYou:
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