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baby's sick...

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My baby is sick and I don't know whats wrong with him! Last Tuesday I took him to the vet for a check up and to get his rabies shot. He was fine and then Saturday afternoon went to bark and instead it sounded like a scream. He has been just laying around, but as the days passed he started to get worse. He eats (I have to give him his food in his bed...he won't get up) he poops ok and pees alittle. he won't drink anything now. I took him to the vet yesterday,had x-rays done and blood work and they found nothing. He gave antibiotics and pain pills. I gave him 1 antibiotic yesterday and now he seems worse. He was like this last year for 3 days but it was not this bad. He can't even lift his head and screams in pain when I touch the bottom part of his back. The vet said it seems like he has built up gas that he needs to pass......Should I give him the antibiotics? The also cut his nails while he was in the back for blood work, and now his back legs let out on him. When I walk him he is walking slow but once he stops his back legs cross and then collapse. Please help my baby!!
Boulis mom
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This isn't normal at all. He needs to see a vet who is more concerned than the one you saw before. I wouldn't waste time.
Im so sorry. Sounds bad, I would definately get a second opinion
Go to a animal ER straight away. Let us know how he's doing. Poor little one...
he sounds really bad , poor baby !! please take him to an emergency room , will say a prayer for ur baby !!! keep us posted!
I agree. He needs to either see another vet or go to an ER vet.
OMG ! This sounds extremely serious. What were the prescribed antibitoics for? I would take him to another vet. You need to go ASAP !!!!!!!! Please keep us posted.
Just as the other said - take him to emergency Vet ASAP..

I hope your baby is ok! Prayers and thoughts to the both of you - keep us updated!
I agree with everyone. This isn't right and sounds very serious. Please get him to another vet or animal hospital ASAP. I'm sending thoughts and prayers for him.

Needs medical attention right now. I hope he is getting better since I am seeing this late.
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Thanks everyone, I have an appointment with another vet today at 6. Talked to her on the phone thinks it might be an inflamed disk and also a reaction to the rabies shot. Will keep you posted. ...
so glad you are going to the vet soon! hope your baby gets better.
Oh goodness! I hope that vet can help you out more than the fist one! I'm keeping you guys in my thoughts and please keep us updated!!
I agree with everyone... your little one needs to see a vet and another one than the one seen. There is something definately wrong and needs to be investigated until they find out what is going on.
I hope everything goes well with the vet visit, and they are able to tell you what is wrong. Bogie gets bad reactions to rabies shots, but nothing like what you have described. Prayers for a good outcome.
I just prayed for him, please let us know how he is.
I'm just seeing your post now. It's about 10 minutes to 5pm now....I hope the vet can help your boy. please keep us updated.

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