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Every year we get at least one bunny nest in our yard and
this year is no exception. My black lab Max looks at bunnies
as a meal, so every year I have to put a gate around the nest
whenever I let Max out and remove it when he goes back in.
This year, the bunnies are very close to our house and I truly
feel as if I'm babysitting them as I watch out for crows, hawks,
and the neighbor's cat

Here are a few pictures of my little furry friends:


Grass Soil Plant Tree Adaptation


(I forgot to add that there are 5 bunnies in this nest.)

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Aww it's so sweet of you to protect the bunnies! My cats have brought home a couple of baby bunnies and I don't know where they are finding them. Apparently not from your house! So sweet. :)
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