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Me too!
I use just little bands with ribbons to pull Abby's hair out of her face. I also do the proper little topknots with the waxed paper most days because they seem to stay in better (she pulls the others out

If you are concerned, because your puppy is a boy, you can always buy snag free little bands that are clear. When you pull his hair back, just fix it so it sits down on his head instead of up in the air like a fountain. People will barely notice!

Word of warning, Abby is 13 weeks old too, and her "eyebrow" (that's what I call it anyway) is still a little short, if I get it back, she rubs her paw over it and pulls it back down so she looks like a mini "Oscar the Grouch" (I call her Mummy's little Groucho when she does this
) ... but it looks heaps better with the top bit pulled out of her face and it's better for keeping her eyes clean too!
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