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Bambi's got fleas

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So I took Bambi into the shower yesterday and I noticed all these black spots on her and when I took a closer look, they were fleas and flea eggs...I don't know how she got them...but I went to Petco and I bought her flea shampoo, carpet cleaner and a package of Advantage....I put the advantage on her yesterday at around 7pm...and she is still a little itchy. I pulled out what I thought were all the fleas on her in the shower...but she still itches. I gotta call her vet today...but can anyone tell me about advantage? Can I still groom her with the advantage on her? And if I feel like its not working...when can I put the next dose of it on her?
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Don't fleas drown in water? I have always noticed that they do. So just washing your loose rugs, dog bedding, etc. will take care of those.....I just don't like to use any more pesticides than necessary.

For the rest of the summer, continue to vacuum frequently, change dog bedding frequently (wash) and spray beneficial nematodes in your yard. These are non-toxic ways to keep the flea population down. A "spritz" before going outside with a mixture of 1 cup water, 4 drops Tea Trea Oil and 4 drops lavender oil is supposed to repel fleas. I don't think it is heavy duty stuff but for those potty trips outside it might keep any hitchhikers off. Maltese are flea magnets because they are so white and fleas are attracted to light.

The itching after the fleas are gone can be from the allergic reaction to the flea saliva when they bite. Try a soothing rinse like Aveeno.
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