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Bambi's got fleas

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So I took Bambi into the shower yesterday and I noticed all these black spots on her and when I took a closer look, they were fleas and flea eggs...I don't know how she got them...but I went to Petco and I bought her flea shampoo, carpet cleaner and a package of Advantage....I put the advantage on her yesterday at around 7pm...and she is still a little itchy. I pulled out what I thought were all the fleas on her in the shower...but she still itches. I gotta call her vet today...but can anyone tell me about advantage? Can I still groom her with the advantage on her? And if I feel like its not working...when can I put the next dose of it on her?
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Originally posted by Chelsey@Jul 6 2005, 10:57 AM
What did the eggs look like... I have never see it.  just curisous
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The black spots you see are not the eggs, but "flea poop". The fleas bite the animal, suck the blood, and excrete digested blood. It looks black, but if you wet it, it turns blood red.

I swear by Frontline spray. Advantage doesn't work for Lady since it's not waterproof and I bathe her weekly. The Frontline spray works just as long as the spot on (3 months), but it also kills fleas instantly. It's much more econonical, too, since I can also use it on my cats. I just spray some on a cosmetic puff and rub it on their coats.
I just ordered a new bottle of Frontline spray from one of our SM sponsors, I was having trouble getting it from 2 of my regular catalogues, so I deceided to try them. I was very pleased. They guarentee that their products are FDA approved (I was worried about counterfeits). The price was fabulous, under $22, reasonable shipping, and super fast delivery! I ordered it on Friday and got it yesterday (Tuesday) even with a holiday in there!
Advantage is not really "not waterproof", but you have to be careful to use a soap free shampoo or it washes out. I bathe Lady weekly and it just didn't work for us. She'd be crawling with fleas a week after I applied it.

I switched to Frontline as it is concentrated in the sebaceous glands of their skin and doesn't come off with bathing. I find it will last the full 3 months on her.
Originally posted by Lexi's Mom@Jul 6 2005, 02:49 PM
What you buy at petstores is not the same Frontline that you get at a vet's office.  Petstore's sell Frontline and vet's offices sell Frontline Plus.  Not sure how they are different but they are.
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You can go to the Frontline website and the differences are explained. Frontline is the newer of the 2.

And do remember that there are counterfeit flea products on the market, so be very careful where you buy your Frontline or Advantage. Here are some guidelines from the EPA:
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