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Bambi's got fleas

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So I took Bambi into the shower yesterday and I noticed all these black spots on her and when I took a closer look, they were fleas and flea eggs...I don't know how she got them...but I went to Petco and I bought her flea shampoo, carpet cleaner and a package of Advantage....I put the advantage on her yesterday at around 7pm...and she is still a little itchy. I pulled out what I thought were all the fleas on her in the shower...but she still itches. I gotta call her vet today...but can anyone tell me about advantage? Can I still groom her with the advantage on her? And if I feel like its not working...when can I put the next dose of it on her?
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Don't forget to change your vaccum filter and or bag. That can hold flee eggs and no matter how hard you vaccum they won't go away. We even put a flea collar in the bag to help kill the ones picked up.
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