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Bambi's got fleas

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So I took Bambi into the shower yesterday and I noticed all these black spots on her and when I took a closer look, they were fleas and flea eggs...I don't know how she got them...but I went to Petco and I bought her flea shampoo, carpet cleaner and a package of Advantage....I put the advantage on her yesterday at around 7pm...and she is still a little itchy. I pulled out what I thought were all the fleas on her in the shower...but she still itches. I gotta call her vet today...but can anyone tell me about advantage? Can I still groom her with the advantage on her? And if I feel like its not working...when can I put the next dose of it on her?
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Oh I am having a horrible problem with fleas as well!!!! Tessa brought them home from Southern California about 10 days ago and gave them to my Rottweiler so now there are so many I feel overwhelmed. I used Capstar on Tessa the first day I saw them and gave Tessa Advantage and Morgan (my Rottweiler) Frontline. I purchased both of these at a pet store and they don't seem to be working. I personally like Revolution but very few vets here prescribe it. It worked wonders on Morgan when she was a puppy. I never had a flea problem.

Tessa has been getting baths like crazy and I have pulled off every flea each time with the help of my fiance. I wash her the flea shampoo by Biogroom. I thought that all the fleas had been taken care of until I found a ton again on her yesterday.

I assume my Rottweiler has them pretty bad but I can't see them on her obviously. I bought so much stuff for the house to kill the fleas and got a brand new vacuum from Costco and I have been vaccuming every few days. My downstairs is all Spanish tile so the upstairs is my only concern.

I am really bummed about the fleas because Tessa's tear stains were almost completely gone!!!! I couldn't believe it! She is getting her adult teeth and she has been looking so beautiful lately (I need to put up a picture for you all to see).

The absolute worst part to this pesty flea business is that I get bit by fleas like crazy. I have always been prone to insect bites (maybe I have sweet blood--I don't believe any of that mambo jambo) but I have been itching like crazy myself. I apply OFF all over my body every night before bed and I swear our bed smells like a campsite.

Best of luck with your fleas....let me know if you find something to get rid of them. I will be purchasing the Frontline Spray that Ladysmom recommended.

The Flea Victims,

Nousha, Tessa and Morgan
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Originally posted by Bambi+Jul 6 2005, 01:44 PM-->
Frontline plus is like the regular frontline however it has a growth inhibiting ingredient in it and unfortunately, They do not have frontline plus for dogs less than 10 lbs - Bambi is 2.85 lbs.
I just called another vet and they said that the advantage at Petco is the same long as the brand is Advantage, it is the same thing.  I just hope that the flea problem doesnt get worse.  I am going to take her to the groomers soon to get her shaved until I am 100% sure the flea infestation is done.

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@Jul 6 2005, 12:49 PM
What you buy at petstores is not the same Frontline that you get at a vet's office.  Petstore's sell Frontline and vet's offices sell Frontline Plus.  Not sure how they are different but they are.
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how old is bambi? you probably should not take her to the groomers until she has all her shots. just a precaution. plus her hair should be pretty short so you can easily spot them when she is wet.
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