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Originally posted by pak3tz@May 28 2005, 09:41 AM
I hope this hasn't been covered recently, if it has, please bump it up :D  but does anyone have a problem with their babies barking. I don't just mean barking if someone knocks at the door or if the other dogs bark, but in the middle of the night.  Jessy sleeps on my bed with us, along with the other 2 little dogs, and the minute she hears any little noise , even the kids moving in their beds in the other room, she barks.  She jumps right off the bed and goes to the bedroom door and barks until I get out of bed to get her.  I know the people who had her used a barking colar on the poor thing, so I knew she was a barker befor I got her but its not getting any better
.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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We have talked about this subject but hey on SM we can repeat ourselves .... and it gives a chance for new perspectives.... anyway, here are a couple links you may want to look at. It sounds like your situation may be a bit different from those discussed in previous threads but maybe there will be some "nuggets" you can use.

Non-Stop Barking Thread

Some Advice About Barking Thread
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