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Bath day!

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What a day! I took Max to the vet to just get a wellness check up and a heartworm test and everything is great. He's healthy and heartworm negative so will be starting on heartworm medication asap! After the vet, I bought the fluffs some yogurt bones which Minnie loves (a little too much) and Max could care less about lol. They both had a nice bath and I am super excited to not have little stinkers sharing my bed tonight :aktion033:

Minnie yesterday after the park! exhausted

minnie "i love my yogurt bone mommy!! don't take it awayyy pwease"

mohawwkk and her yogurt bone! she wouldn't let the bone go lol we're going to have to work on that :thumbsup:

beauty shot of max lookin girly :wub: but he is a boy haha

max "mommy stop taking pics of me now :D"
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Thank you :) Minnie seems to always get her way ;)
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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