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It has been nearly 2 weeks since Rex has had a bath. That is a record for him being there was a time when his allergies were acting up that I had to wash him 3 to 4 times a week. Anyway, I was going to wash him yesterday, but it was raining. Today it is raining a little, but mostly cold and windy. I am just concerned that even though the heat is on it may be a little chilly for him. I try and dry him with the blow dryer but after a half hour he is done and wont sit any longer. Any suggestions on how to keep him warm afterwards until he is completely dry?

Also, I messed up big time. I let Rex sleep in the sweater he had worn all day. He has done this often, but this time, he woke up with matts all over his belly. He doesnt want to let me pick them out, but I have to get it done before his bath. He doesnt mind me brushing his back, but his ears and belly which have a few mats, he doesnt want to let me touch. I am kicking myself for this one. I hope I can get them out and it isnt going to be a repeat of last summer's shave.

Rex is really starting to hate grooming and I dont know what I did to make him this way
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