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I've been a vet tech for 25 years. This is an HONEST statement. In those years, I've seen one vet mistreat an animal. He was the first vet I worked with (an associate of my boss's) and he was told, never again or out the door he would go. I never saw it happen again. I've worked with some of the most compassionate people ever, including my current boss. Our policy on handling animals for blood draws is, less is more. Many times, Dr H is on the floor by herself, getting blood. We pride ourselves for having the whole package. Treating our clients well and their pets.

This saddens me. Not only the videos, but how people take that bit and generalize it, dramatizing it, to make it an "across the board happening". When one of my dogs was at the Univ. for ultrasounds, she never even saw a cage. She sat on the laps of the techs all day.

Please do not let this make you worry about your dogs in the care of a vet clinic. Yes, you need to choose your vet carefully, but you won't be able to stay right there with them, as they have surgery, etc. Trust me when I say, I really have only seen it once.

As far as the dog getting injured at the clinic, you bet we would have owned up to that and I can see how it could happen. You have a dog with really sensitive skin, easily torn and it stops dead in its tracks when going into the cage, as you are shutting it. Happens. But to cover it up like that... not sure how often that would happen. I've worked at two clinic. (worked with alot of associates, but two owners). Neither would have done what that clinic did. I've seen mistakes made by newly graduated veterinarians. The clinics have always owned up to their mistakes. They are people. they are gonna make mistakes. Mistreatment, no.. Again, I can say, honestly, one vet, one time.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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