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Even liking my vet that I had before, I have never been happy leaving my dogs there and always insist they do any procedures possible with me watching and/or helping. Can't always be the case of course. I know once when I left my Bichon there her paws were all wrapped in bandages when I picked her up because they were hurt and bleeding from trying to dig her way out of the cage apparently.

Even hospitals with children need watching as much as possible. When my youngest was in for hip problems at a year and a half, the nurses very often bandaged her legs improperly causing the circulation to be cut off. I used to rush in, in the morning to do them myself. Even then the morning I arrived for her surgery, someone had put them on too tight the night before and so surgery had to be delayed :( These "professionals" make loads of mistakes. I check everything as much as I can these days. I have seen so many errors, from misdiagnosis to totally incorrect medication.

Makes me sooo mad.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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