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Beard control!

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Hey guys, how do you guys keep the beard all nice and neat? Whenever twinkle sleeps or lays down it gets all messy and sticks up. I am only asking because the hairs are poking her eyes and making her tear. I though cutting it shorter would help but that just made it so the hairs would poke straight in her eyes. Do you guys have this problem too?


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A little cream conditioner (kolestral, vellus) or gel can help. You can also band the facial furnishings. I always just lay the hair back and have never really thought twice about it.
I think it's easier to just let the hair grow longer so it won't poke into the eyes, it's a pain to grow but once it's's so much easier. When I was growing bisou's hair out, I bought some dog hair gel but didn't end up using much of it and just let it grow.
Yes, did the dab of hair gel thing a time or two...just til it grew out enough to lay down. Just hang in there for a few weeks to a couple mos and this too shall pass. Just use a bit of gel to train it down flat if it's really a pain in the interim.
I love your pictures what a precious little fluff:wub:
I just started using gel I bought at Walmart its called "got2b"
I really like it, I am able to comb through Matilda's hair very easily. I was worried it would be to stiff, this isn't. Holds just enough.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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