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OH you guys, last night was so scary! so i pulled the stinger out and called the emergency 24 hour hospital which is so conveniently located around the block from my new house. i could have walked her there!!!! well the reason why i took her was because my fiancee spoke to them and they said that she may go in shock and have respiratory failure!!!!

so i rushed her to the hospital because she was being so strange. she was hiding inside a cardboard box (we just moved) and wouldn't come out. then she went inside my closet and hid behind all my fiancee's shoes. she was also shaking horribly as if she was really scared and kept jerking her head from side to side every 5 or 10 minutes. when i would come close to her face she would snap at me and be ready to attack, it was scary. she looked like she was in pain and i felt so helpless.

so they gave her a few shots at the hospital. one was benedryl. after her shots she was brought to me so i could watch her for another 30 minutes to make sure she would be okay. she seemed so much better. within an hour she was responding to her name and becoming playful again.

she is doing great now! thanks for all your replies. you guys are truly the best!


nousha and recovering tessa
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