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HAHAHA! Jack was whining at the shower door, so I opened it a tad to give him kisses and reassurance, and he WRIGGLED RIGHT IN!
:new_Eyecrazy: He got instantly drenched, and freaked out! I think he'll never do that again!

But, since he was already wet, I soaped him up with his new shampoo and cleaned him -- I think I'll try bathing him in the shower every time now; he can't get away from me as easily, and I have one of those shower-arm hoses that comes down off the wall. He still hates when I do his face, but otherwise, it was much easier than the sink was!

Do any of you use the shower to clean your baby? I kind of felt quite strange taking a shower with my dog

Anyway here he is after his impromptu bath:

And here's Jack after his blow dry, trying to eat his brush...

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