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my sister got two baby mallerds at a small animal sale and swap becuse someone was talking about eating them. so she got uspet and had my mom buy two. she kept them in a sun room in the house becuse she was afraid beasties would get them. she took them out side and they would follow her all over. when they were bigger she made harnesses for them so they woulnt fly away. she had a amle and female, giddeon and jillien. when they were very very small she let them get into the tub with her, but they started pooping in the water so she started taking showers and letting them swim in the tub by themselves lol. they loved shower time. I never saw them during shower time of course but she told me they would run under the water and hold there wings out. and you could hear them lol
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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