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Bella's 3rd Training class

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I'm so proud of Bella...she does better and better every week. She learned how to stay and laydown and she's actually getting it. I can't believe how much these classes have helped. She listens to me (most of the time at least) and she's actually getting this stuff. It helps when you have a good trainer. She's awesome and if anyone is in Miami, I highly recommend her.
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Dominance is not established by force. I think dogs should learn to be handled, but holding a dog until they stop struggling is not going to assert your dominance. In pups, I will on occasion do a "Mamma dog" and grab their scruff and growl at them if they're too out of control or I don't like their behavior.
Jonathan is the ring leader for barking when it starts. I trained the dogs to be quiet by having them come to me and sit. Now when Jonathan is barking and I call his name, Mikey comes blasting to me all excited and sits down LOL
If he is excited for his kibble, it is a fine treat! You can actually feed him a whole meal as treats. Its good practice and helps tire them out. I'm glad you are enjoying the class.

Some people like to put some stinky treats (hot dog, liver treats) in a baggy with the kibble so it smells really good and they get a few stinky treats, too. It makes it special.

Our trainer is sponsored by Clean Run and she got these bags of fish and venison treats that stink to high heavens but man do the dogs love them LOL
1 - 3 of 41 Posts
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