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Belle pic

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So, I know we are all PHOTO nuts around here
so I posted a pic of Belle in my gallery @ 4 wks old. I will have tons and tons next week when I bring her home!
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She's precious!

I know you've already waited for what seems like aaaaaaaaages.

But, it's just a little while longer!

And it'll really be worth it!
Originally posted by tlunn@Apr 27 2005, 08:39 AM
PS: I can't imagine Brinkley being bonded to me more than he already is!!! I guess if I had gotten him at 8 weeks instead of 16, he would be permanently attached to my butt!

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PS: Congrats!! I'm glad everything is going to work out with Belle! I bet that Vet's wife is really excited to have a baby to care for while you're on vacation.
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