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We got Paris when she was 8-1/2 weeks old. I knew absolutely nothing about raising a Maltese. She was a gift. We have had no problems with her. In fact, when I talked to her breeder a couple of weeks ago, she told me that Paris wouldn't eat for her. Well, I have never had that problem. She came home and started eating right off the bat. Would probably eat anything you give her! Anyway, I think that as long as you make sure she is getting plenty of food, water, and LOTS OF LOVE, (which I'm sure you will have no problem in supplying) Belle will be absolutely fine! In fact, everybody that sees Paris tells me that she is one spoiled dog. I tell them yes, she is spoiled, and no she isn't a dog, she's my baby! I think most of them think I have lost it.
Who cares, I love my baby girl and I know that she loves me. ENJOY!
P.S. Continue coming to this forum...I have learned sooo much here!
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