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Belle pic

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So, I know we are all PHOTO nuts around here
so I posted a pic of Belle in my gallery @ 4 wks old. I will have tons and tons next week when I bring her home!
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She will be 8 1/2 weeks...... I know, a little early......
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Okay gals.... I really honestly do appreciate the info
.... and I know that 8 1/2 weeks is a little too early to be coming home
.... So I called my vet today (at home) and had a chat with him. He said that one of the breeders that comes to him (imagine.. all that time I searched and there was a breeder 10 min from me) is now sending hers home @ 8-9 wks also depending on their size. She was told by a couple of different vets that 8-12 weeks is when they bond the most. So she decided to send them to their homes as long as they were big enough. (My vet said he's kinda on the line with this) So I then called her (this local breeder), one to verify, and two to see if she knew anyone that could sit for me while we're away (LOL
). She verified that she does send them at 8-9 wks depending on size... blah blah blah. (She isnt a BYB, BTW) So, Im confused. I THEN went on to call MY breeder and express my concerns. She said that she has sent her last 2 litters home @8-9 weeks (per her vets recommendation for the same reason as above), and that if I am really worried about it she can keep her for me, but that they will be out of town themselves for the 9-11 week span
b/c her husband is having some kind of medical thing in Cali that they just found out last week, in which her dogs go to a local pet resort. So, she has a dilemma as well.
So, are have all of these vets gone
? And am I going to be horribly wrong if I bring her home at 8.5 wks? Or should I just bring her home and give it everything I have to keep her healthy, and not worry about who in the world would watch her while my breeder is gone if she were to keep her til 12 wks? (I did find a sitter for myself, by the way. My vet's wife jumped at the chance!)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out here!!!! Im beside myself

Everybody that has brought their babies home early, enlighten me!

Oh, I just need a hug and no more craziness!!!!
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You always have me giggling!!!! And I posted another reply for you in a different post.... I believe it was the "where did you get your malt?" or something along those lines....
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