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Sher kindly put this together for me because she was very familiar with the old software and has used vBulletin before.


1. Where it shows how many replies in a thread (in the list of posts) .... you can click on the number of replies (it is underlined to show a live link) and it will bring up a pop up box in the upper left corner showing everyone who posted in the thread and how many posts they made. You can then click on the number of posts to see all posts from a particular person in the thread.

2, When mousing over the thread title you can see the first several words so you can know what the topic is about before taking the time to open the thread.

3. Can set yourself as invisible and don't have to re-do each time you log on. It is a user setting. Not something that has to be done each time you log on.

4. Every thread has the "quick reply" option.

5. You can choose to "quote" or "multi quote" a message.

6. It is easy for members to see the benefits of the different levels of SM membership. The "title" under the name is clickable, taking the person to a page where the membership levels are explained.

7. There is the option of lifetime membership which can be a savings for long-time members. After 2-1/2 years, membership benefits from then on are free.

8. On the old SM you had several clicks to get to advanced search. This one is just two clicks and you can narrow the search quite a bit.

9. When looking at the list of "new posts" there is an icon to indicate if you have posted in the thread.

10. Saving (archiving) PMs has more options and is a better process, in general.

11. The Quick Links function offers quick ways to get around the site.

12. There is a forum "jump" at the bottom RH of the page so you can move from forum to forum without going to the main forum page.
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