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Best shears

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I'm looking into buying new shears - can anyone tell me which are the best to get? I really don't know the difference between a $100 pair and a $200 pair. What should I be looking for?
Here are some that I was considering: PetEdge: Master Grooming Tools 5200 Rainbow Series Value Shear Kit
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The nicest ones I've held are the Chris Christensen or Geib shears. However, those are too pricey for me. I usually get something for $50-60 and they do a good enough job. One day I'll have either the CC or Geibs.
yeah, i was wondering the same thing. I recently gave Dexter and Rollo haircuts. First time I tried it on any dog. Turned out interesting. Def need longer shears, the short Petco ones, while sharp, are not cutting it so to speak.
I would listen to JMM, she really knows her grooming tools. lol

I own the Master Grooming Tools 5200 straight shear, and it's "okay". It does the job, but I can definitely tell that a $50 pair would be MUCH easier to work with. Personally, I would tell you to not get that set of 3 shears and just get one nicer pair of straight shears, and one pair of thinning shears. With grooming shears, you really do get what you pay for.
I've got an old pair of Oster Golden A-5.
I've had to buy 2 clippers in 27 years... The pair I have now,had for 12 years paid $127.99 ,price is still on the box. Not sure how much they are now. Pricey but I've shaved a lot of dogs with those babies. I do ours plus the shelter dogs.
I think I've purchased,maybe 3 sets of blades over the years. I have extras while the other is getting sharpened.
If you don't trim much,then that much would be overkill. But for those who do,it's the price of 2 groomings...approx....

Oops,I thought you meant clippers.

I have Bonika silk shears,about $150.
I'm going to buy some shears next week and since they most likely don't have the brand names that have been mentioned here, what should I look for in a shear and how many blades should I buy to go with it? Please forgive my ignorance on this..I"m a complete novice.

(I'm going to start grooming myself because Bisou caught a bacterial infection while at the groomers- I had to board her there for the last 10 days while I was out of the country- so I'm not going back there even for a bath/trim).
If you can put your hands on the shears, pick what feels best in your hand. A pair of straight shears will get you through...but having a pair of curved is really nice as well. You might ask for something "middle of the line" so you don't spend a fortune and then realize you want 7 1/2 in instead of 6 in.
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