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I've got an old pair of Oster Golden A-5.
I've had to buy 2 clippers in 27 years... The pair I have now,had for 12 years paid $127.99 ,price is still on the box. Not sure how much they are now. Pricey but I've shaved a lot of dogs with those babies. I do ours plus the shelter dogs.
I think I've purchased,maybe 3 sets of blades over the years. I have extras while the other is getting sharpened.
If you don't trim much,then that much would be overkill. But for those who do,it's the price of 2 groomings...approx....

Oops,I thought you meant clippers.

I have Bonika silk shears,about $150.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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