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Best Water Additive?

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For a year I've been using Virbac C.E.T. Aquadent water additive for Cloud (now 2 years old), I usually research everything before I start using a product on him. At the time the reviews seemed great, but recently after using up the bottle I researched it again since it's been over a year before buying another and I found that it contains Xylitol which I found isn't good for dogs. I did not purchase another and haven't found a water additive with great reviews. Some people have stated their dogs have had problems with C.E.T because of the Xylitol, but from the first day I've used it on Cloud he's never shown any signs of any problems and on his yearly checkup the vet didn't say anything was wrong with him. But I don't want to keep using this product because I'm not sure if it would hurt him in the long run so I don't want to continue with it. If any one has recommendations on a water additive that works and isn't harmful it is much appreciated. Sorry for the long post. [This is my first thread] Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
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I don't know about what's the best, but Tropiclean makes one (Tropiclean Fresh Breath Oral Care Water Additive for pets). I just started using it today -so can't really give a full review on it. But so far, my Maltese is drinking up her water just fine.

Purified water, aloe vera leaf juice, citric acid cetylpyridinium chloride, chlorophyllin, glycerin, sodium benzoate, green tea leaf extract.
I just started using Biotene last week. No info on it yet.
Thanks for the responses! I appreciate it a lot :) .. I'll start looking into these products.
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