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Dogs repeat behaviors that are rewarding to them and avoid behaviors that have negative consequences. The problem with punishing a dog when they urinate or defecate is that relieving themself is a naturally rewarding behavior (they're more comfortable) so they will not simply stop urinating and defecating. Instead, they will do it when you are not around. This is why punishing accidents is not a very productive thing to do.


Reward the desired behavior and prevent the unwanted behavior. This means a yummy treat and praise for going in the right spot. Go out or take the dog to the paper every time. Stand there with him and praise and treat. Set a schedule for feeding, play, potty, etc. It will help you know when he needs to go as well as preventing accidents. When you cannot actively watch your pup, crate or otherwise confine him. The crate should be a happy, safe place to be, not a punishment.

A productive way to think is that every accident means you did not get the pup outdoors or to the paper or you were not supervising him. The pup doesn't know where to go until he has consistently gone there and been rewarded for a long period of time. It has to be rewarding for the pup to do it.
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